Drag Race UK star Baby admits she wishes she left the competition sooner

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RuPaul’s Drag Race UK star Baby has opened up about her challenging experience on the show and revealed her biggest regret was not leaving the competition sooner.

Chatting to Bobby Norris and guest co-host Priscilla Anyabu on the showbiz gossip programme Access All Areas, the drag queen spoke candidly about her time on the show and effect it had on her mental health: “Drag Race is hard, it’s called the Olympics of drag for a reason… the actual drag side of it is like, cool I’m good at stuff, I’ve won some stuff, I’m cool. But that coupled with being on the set, away from your family, you don’t have any contact with anybody, you’re in a hotel room and you’re doing long days. That kind of work environment of being on a reality TV show was a lot for me.”

She continued: “I think where you don’t really have much control of what’s going on because you are a participant on the show, you don’t have that much control over things…  I think it’s very vulnerable putting trust in those people to present you in the right way, present you accurately but I’m really happy that they did and I’m really happy with the edit… but it was f*cking hard.”

When asked by Bobby about her decision to leave the show in episode five, Baby admitted that she wished she had left earlier: “I think my main regret potentially is not leaving earlier to be honest. Like I wasn’t feeling myself from the moment I walked in there … so from the beginning, I was just like I’m here now, we’ve invested all this time, we’ve invested all this money and it is Drag Race. Let’s just give it our best go.”

She went on to say: “By like the end of that episode. I think if you watch that episode, in the critiques, I’m not even really talking that much. I’m like smiling and nodding because I’m like out of it by that point, you know what I mean? So I wish I called it a bit earlier. But everything happens for a reason, I got to lip sync with Dakota [Schiffer], we had a little moment, and then I got to go home.”

However, the 26-year-old admitted she was feeling better since leaving the show: “On the whole, I’m enjoying life and enjoying doing all my music stuff and travelling. I’m enjoying being my little pop self.”

Later in the interview, the drag queen gave her opinion on the recent controversy surrounding a post on the official Drag Race UK twitter which confused Baby for Black Peppa: “You know what it is for me. I think where in the past you know, Tayce, Tia Kofi, Vanity Milan, Asttina [Mandella] have all spoken about how we get treated as black queens coming from Drag Race especially. I think with that already being information that was out there and a conversation that is already being had. To then have that mistake happen within the BBC team was like ‘dude like really?’

She continued: “I’m just like, it’s embarrassing, and it was embarrassing but I’m happy that they took leadership to go you know we’re sorry, it was a mistake and we’re genuinely sorry for anybody who was hurt by that. And the fact they were even prepared to make that apology is a big step. A win is a win!”



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