FUBAR’s Most Ridiculous TV and Film Cameos

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The past few days have brought to light the weird and wonderful role of the cameo appearance.

From Paul Weller’s ‘blink and you miss it’ cameo in the Sherlock finale to Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner being snapped filming their cameo in the upcoming Ocean’s Eight film. We thought we’d pick out a few of the strangest cameos in film and television…

1. Ian McKellen – Coronation Street

Coronation Street

When your Nan tunes in to the nation’s favourite cobbled soap opera the last thing she expects to see is an award winning screen and stage actor such as Ian McKellen.

The actor rocked up on the street in 2005 for 10 episodes as the con man, Mel Hutchwright.

Although a deeply respected actor who can make anything great, seeing Gandalf the Great in the middle of Wetherfield will never not be a bizarre experience.

2. Michelle Obama – Everything

The First Lady of the United States sure knows how to pull off a TV show cameo. Michelle Obama has featured in iCarly, Parks and Recreation, NCIS, Nashville, Sesame Street, the list goes on.

The number of cameos Michelle Obama has done makes us think that she has been striving for a different career the whole time.

Perhaps now she’s out of the White House she can set her sights on next year’s Oscars?

3. Chuck Norris – Dodgeball (2004)

Probably the shortest cameo on our list and one that didn’t require any words at all but definitely one the most effective because it’s Chuck Norris, no words needed.

4. David Hasselhoff – Piranha 3DD

A ridiculous movie with a ridiculous cameo.

David Hasselhoff plays a lifeguard. Sound familiar? That’s because his time on Baywatch is now the only thing anyone remembers of his career (besides his alcoholic meltdown, drunkenly eating a burger).

There’s mocking something, then there’s just taking the piss to the point where it’s more sad than funny.

In his cameo, he’s wearing his Baywatch costume, referring to his time on Baywatch and even plays the Baywatch theme tune as he runs towards the pool in the famous slow-mo Baywatch style.

5. Tom Cruise – Tropic Thunder

While not the worst cameo we’ve ever seen (some might even stretch to say it’s actually funny), there is something highly disturbing about Tom Cruise in a fat suit, covered in hair and dancing to Flo Rida.

The fact Cruise created the character Les Grossman to mock Paramount’s chairman who had fired him for public misconduct over his Scientology preaching and Oprah sofa meltdown just makes this cameo the more ridiculous.

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