Stand-up Comedian Gary Delaney On Antagonising Disapproving Audiences

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The latest member of Nick Helm and Nathaniel Metcalfe’s Fan Club is stand-up comedian Gary Delaney.

When asked if he gets annoyed by people groaning at his jokes, Gary said: “I get annoyed at that, and I kind of think, ‘What are you doing?’. I don’t get much of it now. Luckily, people are much more likely to know who I am, so I don’t get so many. When I used to play clubs, especially, if I was playing at an arts centre in the South, I was much more likely to get people groaning. There are people tutting at things that they slightly disapprove of to try and sort of influence the room and go, ‘Oh yes. Well, I’m too clever for this joke’ or, ‘I’m too good of a person for this joke’. And I have absolutely no time for that sort of nonsense. So I tend to not pay great heed to those people. In fact, I’m childish, it eggs me on. If somebody is offended or something, I will deliberately antagonise them and be rude. And if somebody thinks something is too cheesy, I will do something cheesier because I’m a child.”

During the show, the trio also spoke about Gary writing jokes for Basil Brush and posting comedy material on twitter.  You can listen back to the full chat with Gary Delaney here.




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