People are Furious With This Kim Kardashian Halloween Costume

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For just $69.99 you can now dress up as Kim Kardashian West! But here’s the catch, it’s not red carpet Kim K, it’s tied up in Paris Kim K.

The savage online costume site ‘’ has a attempted to disguise the costume under the title ‘Parisian Heist Robbery Victim Costume Kit’ rather than using Kim’s name, but there is no fooling some people.

Check it out for yourself:


It’s safe to say people are not happy.

People reviewing the item didn’t hold back.


Shockingly, the customer ratings round up to a 2.5 stars, rather than the minimum of 1 star. Some people out there are finding this amusing.

This guy is getting a real kick out of the situation.


The costume contains a very impressive amount of props for just seventy dollars; a white short sexy robe, a long black wig, a”$4 million dollar” ring, large sunglasses, fake gag and some rope.

We can only imagine the kind of themed party you have to throw for someone to think ”Oh I know, that’s a job for the Kim K robbery costume!”

Just when you think you’ve seen it all.


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