Big Sam EXCLUSIVELY Previews England v Slovenia for FUBAR Radio

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FUBAR have managed to convince Big Sam Allardyce to EXCLUSIVELY preview the England v Slovenia match tonight. Turns out he didn’t need too much convincing. A slice of humble pie washed down by a pint of wine did the trick. Over to you Big Sam:

I’ve had to take time out from roofing ‘Big Sam’s Villa’ which is my gaff in Costa Blanca, to be here, so listen up you lot.

The England boys need a firm hand. They had one with me but after taking time to “chill out and reflect” its obvious they just needed an expert pen taker to get involved.

Gareth is a lovely bloke, but England manager? You’re ‘avin a laugh, int ye? Bring back Woy, let Sammy Lee give it to him and you’ve got a good combo there, that’s what I say.

We beat Malta 2-0 and everyone says Gaz is the saviour of England. Its bloody Malta and he didn’t even play Michail Antonio.

Tonight we’ve got Slovenia. We only conceded three goals in our Euro 2016 qualifying group, guess who against? Bleeding Slovenia.

They’ve got that Oblak bloke in goal who plays for Atletico Madrid. He looks handy. People call me a greedy, money-grabber but he grabs everything!

I’m not going to dig Gaz out over Wazza and how he has treated him but it is taking the piss a bit. I come in, tell Wazza he can do what he wants and play where he feels then Southy sticks him on the bench. Is he trying to mug me off?

Don’t even get me started about Hendo being captain. The man is without a doubt the hardest worker with the least football ability I have ever met.

Gaz would be mad to start Studge up front again. He’s talented all right, but the bloke is made of glass. Get Vardy up there and have a proper tear up.

If we keep it tight, execute those long balls, defend deep and get a bit lairy we’ll be ok tonight and get the result we need. 3-0 to the lads.

A big thanks to Big Sam for taking the time out of his busy job search to preview tonight’s England match for FUBAR Radio. For live reaction to the game follow us on Twitter.

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