‘Killer Clown’ Craze Hit’s McDonalds!

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FUBAR managed to retrieve EXCLUSIVE footage of the clown craze infiltrating McDonald’s!

You can take our streets but not our burgers…

Young pranksters dressed as clowns have been scaring people on the street for a laugh. The phenomenon which started in America has spread over to the UK through viral videos.

In order to keep up with the current trend, YouTube bloggers all over the globe have recorded their own versions to attract views. Obviously, the public on the other end of the prank aren’t pleased and some ‘killer clowns’ have begun to be prosecuted by the police.

Commander Julian Bennett, the head of crime prevention in the Met, addressed the issue admitting reports have risen in the lead up to Halloween:  ”Whilst we do not want to stop people from enjoying themselves it is important that while having fun they remember to act in a responsible manor and understand that they could be prosecuted if a criminal offence is committed.” 

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