Nashville star Charles Esten reveals how he picks his roles 

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The latest member of Nick Helm and Nathaniel Metcalfe’s Fan Club is American actor, musician, and comedian Charles Esten.

When asked how he chooses his roles, the Nashville star replied: “always try to operate opposite of fear. In other words, fear is almost my reverse polar north. So, like if I’m afraid to do something, that sort of makes me go, ‘well maybe I should do that’. And If I’m not afraid to do something, then I go well maybe I shouldn’t do that… If I need this show in order to make it as an actor I shouldn’t be an actor”

Both Nick and Nathaniel were astonished by his explanation!

During the show, the trio also spoke about Charles’ experience of acting alongside Kevin Costner. You can listen back to the full chat with Charles Esten here.

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