Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry admits ongoing body insecurities leave her feeling ‘like Donald Trump’

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This week on Access All Areas, Geordie Shore legend Chloe Ferry discussed her ongoing battle with her weight and that trolls led her to first turning to surgery.

Speaking to hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng about her recent dramatic two stone weight loss, the blonde beauty admitted that she’s still not happy: “I think where I’ve been called fat so many times, I think it sticks with you. So then I don’t feel like I look good. Don’t get us wrong some days I feel like f***king Kim Kardashian. But some days I feel like Donald Trump.”

The Geordie favourite has had to endure a lot of online abuse due to her changing looks over the years, something that she’s always struggled with: “You know me, I get a lot of hate on social media about the way I look. God, since day one I have. And it’s hard you know. You’re not brought into a world to put up with that much abuse. And then for people to say, ‘well you’re in the public eye you should expect it’. Are you actually that small minded that I should be expecting people to call me ugly on a daily basis? It’s just not right.”

Sadly, the trolls have affected her life since the early days of Geordie Shore, which she joined when she was just 19. When asked by Bobby if it was the trolls who made her turn to cosmetic surgery in the first place, she admitted it was and recalled: “When I first went on Geordie Shore, I thought I had the most amazing boobs. I was such a confident young girl. I can remember one time, I’ll never ever forget the day, I had a low-cut top on and someone had said to us, ‘your boobs look so saggy’. And I never even thought about it. So the more I started looking at myself I thought, ‘you’re f***king right, you are right. My tits are saggy!’ And for a nineteen-year-old girl that’s not good. So then I obviously turned to surgery and got an uplift and I just still wasn’t happy.”

She continued: “People don’t understand the effect it has on people. People don’t know what I’ve been through! I keep it a secret to myself. But honestly it’s caused me so much s*** and I still feel s*** about it today.”

Despite the negativity, Chloe revealed that lockdown has, for the most part, been a great time for her and has allowed her to realise what’s important in her life: “At the start of lockdown I was in a bit of a bad place. I wasn’t happy with the way I looked, I wasn’t happy within myself. And obviously I was newly out of a relationship, so I was thinking, ‘for God’s sake, I’m still a bit hurt from my last relationship’. We’ve been locked indoors so I can’t even date! So I just totally, totally changed my mindset… I know what I want in my life now and I know what path I want to go down, so I’ve actually had a good lockdown to be honest!”

You can listen back to the full chat with Chloe here.

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