Divina de Campo reveals what’s in the Drag Race UK WhatsApp group

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Last week on Access All Areas,  RuPaul’s Drag Race UK top 3 cast member, Divina de Campo, revealed exactly what is in the Drag Race UK Season 1 WhatsApp group to hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng. 

Bobby asked Divina who was the most, and least active within the exclusive group of season 1 cast members. Noting that second eliminated cast member Scaredy Kat was often quiet, she also doesn’t shy away from sharing upcoming secret projects.

It transpires that most of the cast are quite active, depending on their schedules. Fellow contestant Vinegar Strokes, known also for her role in Jamie! The musical, however, had taken to sharing the funniest, and nastiest comments about the cast that she had found online.

After Stephen had mentioned that if it were him, he would rather not know the unpleasant findings, Divina told “I mean I don’t really care, like yesterday I got described as an arrogant horse. That’s what I looked like.” Which she was able to laugh off. 



You can listen back to the full show, also featuring Duncan James from Blue and all-you-can-eat showbiz gossip here.

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