Rise And Fall’s Connor Fisher opened up about his feud with co-star Sophie Corcoran and how he believes she is playing a persona.

Chatting to hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng on the showbiz gossip programme Access All Areas, the reality star spoke candidly about his experience on the show: “I didn’t know who Sophie [Corcoran] was but some of the other cast members did. I thought I need her to be my friend, it didn’t work out that way. A lot of it was not on camera so people could see this tension between me and Sophie, but they weren’t airing it. There were times where I would call her out and she would call me out. We clashed in there and after the show aired, we became okay.”

He continued: Although there was a lot of tension in Rise and Fall, we do still talk. We all do interviews but some of the things that have been said in interviews I don’t agree with. We’re in a group chat and certain people aren’t in it anymore. Ramona was kicked out then came back. Then Sophie just up sticks and left and not many people have kept in contact with her.”

Later in the interview, the care-home manager revealed his opinion on the controversial GB News commentator Sophie Corcoran: “We like each other’s posts on Instagram occasionally, but I try not to like hers because we had one photo together and people said “you know she’s anti-gay!” But I don’t believe that she is anti-gay, and I’ll defend her on that.”

He continued: “I don’t know if this is a persona she portrays because I see the vulnerable side of Sophie. I think she wanted to prove herself but sometimes she was flying off the handle for no reason. I don’t believe that she believes the stuff she’s saying. I think underneath that persona that she portrays on GB News, that isn’t her. We saw a softer side to Sophie.”

Listen to the full episode, also featuring Fats Timbo here.