Married at First Sight UK’s Thomas Kriaras expressed his “brutal shock” at not being told about co-stars Peggy Rose and Georges Bertonneau’s breakup despite speaking to him and responded to all the show rumours.

Chatting to hosts Bobby Norris and Ellen Coughlan on the showbiz gossip programme Access All Areas, the reality star revealed he found out about the news of the break up through a third party: “One of the boys sent me a screen shot saying they’d broken up and I literally spoke to Georges yesterday and he told me nothing. I was so brutally shocked. It’s a shame that it’s ended. When we were in the experiment, it was a cognitive dissonance between whether I thought they would work or not. I was very surprised when they did and very happy for them. I am quite close with Georges and he didn’t tell me and apparently they’ve been broken up for weeks so that was the surprise for me. I’ve been very open to him so I’m surprised he didn’t open up about that because if my person broke up with me, I would have been devastated and I would have told my mates.”

He continued: “My friends, beyond the cast said “that was sudden, last week they were in Closer saying they want to get married and have babies and now they’ve broken up”. So there’s a divide between what’s said in press and what’s actually happened. Georges and I did a double page spread together in Closer and it was a beautiful piece about how they’re getting on really well. I was so surprised, it must have just happened immediately afterwards. I was so shocked. I hope he’s okay and I hope Peggy is okay. I’ve messaged Georges just saying “what’s going on? Can you talk to me?’ I’ve reassured him that I’m here for him.”

Later in the interview, the 27 year old responded to fans’ speculation that him and ‘ex-wife’ Rozz Darlington have rekindled their romance: “She is the most beautiful person in the world, most wonderful person I’ve ever met. But I have to say goodbye to the relationship and say hello to a friendship. I can’t wait around for someone. I can only be there for her as a friend and that’s what I’m planning to do.”

He also seemed to confirm the relationship between co-star JJ Slater and Katie Price: “I told him “Just have fun.” I think it’s absolutely brilliant. I met Katie and she said “I know you, you got well buff.” I think it’s obviously early days so they just need to see where it goes.”

Thomas also revealed that in the infamous dinner party, he was told off by producers when they discovered the sex toy: “The people around us didn’t really understand, they just saw us being very cuddly and happy. Then a producer leant over and said in my ear “Mr Grey, can you please turn off the vibrator so we can do the next activity”. Rozz was walking to the bathroom and one of the welfare producers went “So Rozz have you got anything in you?””

Listen to the full episode, also featuring Choriza May, here.