Married at First Sight UK’s Peggy Rose calls for a public apology from ex Georges Berthonneau after saying she is done with the “emotional abuse and mind games” and claims he still wants her back.

Chatting exclusively to hosts Bobby Norris and Ellen Coughlan on the showbiz gossip programme Access All Areas, the reality star slammed her ex “husband” on the show for selling stories to the press: “It’s really upsetting because I didn’t want it to get like this. I wanted it amicable and I said to George, as soon as he broke up with me, “can we announce it together amicably on Instagram? I don’t want to go to the press. I don’t want to sell any stories. Let’s just do it like adults.” I was willing to protect him and not mention the dirt or anything like that. I wanted to protect Georges, but on Valentine’s, I just thought, why should I protect a liar anymore?

She continued: “I tried to do my statement on Instagram amicably still, and then he came out with the article the next day, straight on my case. He called me a gas lighter and a narcissist. How you can have the audacity to do that when I’ve protected you for so long? It’s character defamation. And if I was any of those things, why does Georges still want me back? Why was he sending me Valentine’s stuff? It didn’t make sense. He was even trying to talk to me after he wrote that article the same day.”

“That evening when I saw the article, I blocked him. And I don’t want to talk to him again. Why would I? I’ve had enough with the emotional abuse and the mind games and I don’t want to speak to him ever again. Unless I had a public apology, I will not be speaking to George ever again. I haven’t sold any stories. I could have easily gone to the papers, run straight to the papers. Georges said he was blindsided, but if you’d seen what I’ve seen Georges, you would have done a lot worse. You know, he would have sold the story left, right and centre to every single article like he does most things.”

“Georges solved the story to Closer Magazine about wanting my children and moving in together. He’d broken up with me a week before I saw the story. He messaged me the day before the article came out and said “by the way there’s a story coming out about us tomorrow and I’ve said all lovely things” and I thought okay you’ve been lovely. Then when I saw it, it was as if we were still together. I remember saying to him “I’m sad reading this. It’s lovely but I’m sad.” It’s the mind games.”

Later in the interview, the 32-year-old revealed Georges was struggling with money and his claims of paying for everything in their relationship were not true: “The majority of the hotels that we get are gifted. A lot of them are for free if you post on your Instagram. Same as the meals in the restaurants. I work hard. I don’t need anybody else’s money. I’ve never have been that type of girl. I’ve never had a Chelsea rich boy like he’s accused me of having. We got to a point where we couldn’t go out for dinner at a restaurant unless I paid because he didn’t have the money to.”

Peggy also commented on the recent breakup of co-stars Erica Roberts and Jordan Gayle: “Erica and Jordan have a very explosive relationship, but every relationship has its arguments. You can never tell, because I thought me and Georges would last forever. Jordan probably has things to work on.”

Listen to the full episode, also featuring Tyler Cruickshank, here.