Love Island’s George Fensom slams his co-stars for playing games and reveals who’s heads he thinks will turn in Casa Amor.

Chatting to host Bobby Norris and guest co-host Lottie Hulme on the showbiz gossip programme Access All Areas, the reality star spoke openly about two islanders he suspected of being ingenuine with their actions: “I think there’s a couple of people playing a game. So we’ve got Jess [Harding], I’m not saying Jess is, but we’ve got the whole Mitchel [Taylor] and Sammy [Root] scenario which is all a little bit fishy because obviously Mitch hasn’t got anyone, so he then ran to Jess.”  

He continued: “With Sammy, Leah [Taylor] was in the bottom three, so he went to Jess. But they both suddenly thought “I’m closed off now”. Mainly those two to be fair. I’m sure she would have realised but with Jess as soon as Mitch came over saying “do you know what? I actually really fancy you” it’s like mate come on. It’s so bait isn’t it? It’s so obvious.” 

Later in the interview, the Love Island contestant responded to a question of whether Zachariah Noble would be unfaithful in Casa Amor: “I think she [Molly Marsh] will as well though. I think she will 100%. I reckon she’s literally going to keep her options open until the last possible point. I just can’t really see her fully closing off because if she does, she knows that there’s no going back. It will be in her head of what the public are going to think so I think she’s just trying to label herself as open. With Molly being with Zach, I can’t see that lasting to be honest.”  

George also revealed that he’d had multiple verified Instagram users sending him direct messages: “A couple yeah. But they’re not like well-known blue ticked names. They’ve got a blue tick but they’re not from Coronation Street or Emmerdale.”

Listen to the full episode, also featuring Gareth Valentino here.