TOWIE’s Charlie Sims discussed the “difficult” and “humbling” reality of his and his sisters’ decision to relocate to Los Angeles.

Chatting to host Stephen Leng and guest co-host Zara Deniz on the showbiz gossip programme Access All Areas, the reality star spoke openly about how he has struggled with leaving Essex behind: “I think people think that because you’ve moved to LA that everything is all sunny and nice and happy and easy, but it’s actually been really difficult. The move has been very difficult. It’s been hard to leave everything behind. I had my own life, a house back home which I’ve still got, a business and everything and I kind of just packed all my stuff into a suitcase and hopped on a plane and just kind of never went back. So it’s just been kind of trying to fit in with how things work here.”

The TOWIE star also explained what it was like to film his OnlyFansTV show ‘House of Sims’ with his celebrity sisters: “House of Sims was great. The first couple of weeks we shot in Essex and it was all very exciting, very new, everybody was like “yes we’ve got our own show let’s give this our all, let’s do what we’ve said we were going to do.” And then we got to LA and, albeit we were given the house to live in for the period of filming but, it just felt like reality had set in and we were there. And it was not as easy as we all thought.”

He continued: “Back home, especially in Essex, you’re kind of well known. Especially the girls they can walk into places, if they want to go out for a night out they’re welcomed in. Here, no one gives a s***. It was a bit of a humbling reality check. We were trying to make plans with people and they were going to come on the show and then they just wouldn’t turn up. It was actually quite difficult to manage.”

Later in the interview, Charlie discussed the conflict that he and his sisters had when realising they had no support system in LA: “When we were filming everything was great and then we stopped filming that’s when we realised we didn’t have a big support system here anymore, we’re on our own and the decision is real. We need to make the decision of are we going to stay? Are we going to go home? Can we actually sustain ourselves here? There was as lot of pressure. My younger sisters felt the pressure a little bit I think, they felt out of their comfort zone.”

He continued: “Family and business is great because you’re all in it together, you all support each other, you all want to win together and there’s no bond better than a family bond. The problem with family is, you can cross lines with family that you can’t do with normal people. So you’ve always got those sibling bickers and the disagreements, and the disagreements lead to saying something you regret. It’s been difficult.”

Listen to the full episode, also featuring Ben Clark here.