Below Deck’s Camille Lamb opens up about her relationship with ex Ben Willoughby and finding out that he had moved on with another castmate.

Chatting to hosts Bobby Norris and guest co-host Josh Rom on the showbiz gossip programme Access All Areas, the reality star opened up about treating co-star Ben Willoughby “unfairly” during their boatmance: “It ended not on the best terms because I was just so anxious about the season coming out. I just wasn’t myself and so I didn’t treat him fairly after the show ended when we tried to get our relationship going. We don’t talk much. I think I probably broke his heart. I didn’t go about it the right way to end it all. I think we’re good. He actually called me recently and we had a short conversation, but I don’t know.”

She also explained how she developed anxiety from the show after feeling that she was treated unfairly: “It’s a lot to wait a year. I got medicated for anxiety because it was that intense. Watching it back it was even more intense because I personally believe that it is not true to the story. There were a lot of clips that got edited together to make me the dumb blonde who doesn’t know how to work.”

Later in the interview, the country singer and yachter revealed the moment she realised that Ben had started a romance with co-star Leigh-Ann Smith after she had been fired: “After I got fired, they flew me back out after the season ended to film the promotions that they show in the beginning. This isn’t filmed and the season is already wrapped. I walked on the boat and I scream “Ben!” and we’re excited to see each other. I was laying on his chest and then the boat engineer walked up and goes “hey you need to go clean up the master cabin from last night.””

She continued: “His face went kind of red and I thought what is going on? Then I saw this girl in a blue shirt and I was like “wait is this the new girl?” I didn’t know who she was, I thought she was part of the production team. I put two and two together right then and there. I sat up and said “you [Ben] might want to go and clean up down there.” I didn’t go and look, I didn’t want to see it.”

Listen to the full episode, also featuring Joel Mignott here.