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FUBAR Radio’s Hip Hop Show with DJ Sarah Love and special co-host Reveal Poison spoke to Irish singer-songwriter, Maverick Sabre.

Sabre has released two albums, Lonely are the Brave and Innerstanding, and has been nominated for a Brits Critics Choice Award in 2012. He has worked with rapping greats, such as Joey Bada$$ and Professor Green, and has opened for The Script on their Irish tour.

On the show, he spoke about how he views music’s platform in influencing its audiences and creating an impact.

“I think music is a blessing… it comes with great responsibility.”

“We’ve got three, four minutes in a kid’s ears on the way to school, or in a mum or dad’s ears on the way to work on the train. What do you want to say to someone if you have that time and that space? How can you affect?”

Maverick Sabre commented on the current state of the music industry. “We’ve been starved of honesty and truthfulness in music for a long while, and I think it’s one of the last tools, as people, that we have left, that we can actually use to change something.”

“There’s a change happening in music… I can feel it.”

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