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Ed Skrein, villain of the record breaking super hero film, Deadpool, spoke to Huw Joseph and Jazon Maza on FUBAR Radio’s ‘Tuesday Roundup’.

Marvel’s Deadpool depicts the eponymous cult-classic character seeking revenge against villain, Ajax, for kidnapping his girlfriend. The movie, despite its R rating, has smashed box office sales, making $260 million worldwide.

The English actor spoke about his time working on a big budget film.

“It didn’t feel like we were making a big budget movie… It’s a project that I loved doing, to be honest even if it bombed I would have still been proud of it.”

Deadpool’s success is said to be down to its mixture of violence, romance and comedy. Skrein noted that having the writers on set was essential to projecting the film’s unique wit effectively onto screen. He recounted that Ryan Reynolds used the money from his producing credit, to pay for the writers to remain on set the whole time, as network Fox refused to pay.

On working alongside Hollywood heavyweight, Ryan Reynolds, Skrein had only positive sentiments about him.

“In the same way those arrogant c-words prove to me what you shouldn’t be, Ryan proves what you should be.”

“Technically, he’s a great man… He’s not just there for the silly jokes and pretty face.”

Deadpool has unexpectedly become one of the biggest superhero movies of all time. Skrein said that despite the fame, he tries to remain humble and out of the spotlight.

“My lawyer emailed me and he goes, ‘Dude, you’re breaking all these records and you’ve made all this money’, my agents are emailing with all this hype, and my girlfriend sent me a video of my son riding a bike for the first time and I cried my eyes out.”

“This is a bonus, Deadpool is a bonus. Those things matter the most.”

Check out the movie, it’s currently showing in cinemas worldwide.

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