Watch: ‘The Riot’ Eddie Brett

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The singer-songwriter Eddie Brett visited the FUBAR HQ to perform his new track ‘The Riot’ featuring a special performance from the JaackMaate squad. Check out the video above! He also chatted to the boys about his solo career and Loveable Rogues.

He appeared on Britain’s Got Talent in 2012 with his band Loveable Rogues. They reached the final and were later signed to Simon Cowell’s record label Syco Music. The band announced they’ll be parting ways in 2015; when asked about the split Brett said, “It’s a bit like a relationship, it gets to a point where all you can is the bits that piss you about the other person.”

“We were in the van with each other for 3 years straight. Pretty much every day. It gets to a point where it’s exhausting. We are all still speaking. It’s just nice to go and explore ourselves. To find ourselves,” he added.

His current single ‘He Does What He Wants’ is out now and you can find Eddie on Twitter @eddiebrett.

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