Cheadle: “Risk falling on your face!”

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The Oscar-nominated actor Don Cheadle visited London for a screening of his directorial debut, Miles Ahead. Sarah Love from The Hip-Hop Show asked him during the event about the necessity to put together a compilation of the most important images from the life of Miles Davis.

The film was initially pitched to him back in 2001, it took them over 13 years to go into production, “[we] shot it in 6 weeks, we learnt in the research that there’s a lot of anecdotes,” he said. “They all fed into the theme of Miles [and his] restlessness, his inability to be comfortable.”

His wife Frances Taylor was heavily involved, “[she] was with us every step of the way, she really opened up her life, gave us a lot of pictures and stories.”

Cheadle wanted to show the most crucial parts of Davis’s life, “there was a process of narrowing down. So many things we wanted to say but unless it fit into the narrative of an artist dealing with loss, dealing with human condition […] we said it’s gotta go.”

“Our focus was trying to do what Miles told us to do which was, don’t do the same thing, do something else, do the next thing, push, take a big swing , risk falling on your face.”

Miles Ahead comes out in cinemas on April 23rd.

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