Voice of Big Brother – Boy George for CBB?

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Speaking exclusively to FUBAR Radio’s ‘James Acaster’ show, the voice of ‘Big Brother’, Marcus Bentley revealed who would be his ideal housemate if given the opportunity to choose stars for Celebrity Big Brother. “I always say it would be Boy George, who I find fascinating, I’ve read his autobiography and of course he was such a big hit going through the 80’s, his up’s and down’s. His up’s have been chronicled on Twitter, he’s a very innocent bloke and he’s really sorted his life out.”

The Geordie voice-over artist explained just how close the singer nearly came to entering the CBB house. “He was supposed to go in about five years ago, but he did something, a crime. He had an ankle brace on and of course when you’ve got an ankle brace on, that means your released early, you’re sort of under house arrest, you can’t go and earn money on TV programmes so he wasn’t allowed to go on. I think he’s had second thoughts since then I believe.”

A new batch of celebrities will be appearing on the Channel 5 show next month but even Marcus admits he has problems recognising some of the stars. “Sometimes Celebrity Big Brother starts and even I go ‘WHO?! Never heard of them’. Or someone who has been on a show like Gogglebox, that I haven’t watched, but they turn out to be great housemates.”

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