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Speaking exclusively on FUBAR Radio’s Tom Latchem show tomorrow, Labour leadership candidate, Andy Burnham MP, was left stumped by our very own presenter when he tested out his claim of being a man of the people.

Tom Latchem: “Just a quick popular culture quiz…”

Andy Burnham: “Oh my God”

TL: “Do you know who Caitlyn Jenner is?”

AB: “Er… no”

TL: “You don’t know who Caitlyn Jenner is? It’s Bruce Jenner, who became transgender, and is now a woman. In the Kardashians?

“You will know this one. Which soap legend was buried last week?”

AB: (Pause) “Don’t know”

TL: “Deirdre Barlow!!!”

AB: “Deirdre! I was about to say that… it came to me when you said it”

TL: “You might get this one… this will be your last one. Which footballer announced they were to have a third child recently?”

AB: “Now hang on … Wayne Rooney?”

TL: “Well done you got that one”

A season ticket holder at Everton FC, the potential next Prime Minister, revealed it would be hard to choose between running the country and attending home games at Goodison Park but insisted that he would make the matches. “I will always go and watch Everton, always, all my life. It will never change.” When pushed on what would come first, football or politics, the MP gave a typically diplomatic answer. “It is what makes me do a better job as a politician.”

The whole interview can be heard tomorrow on Tom Latchem’s show between 10 am – 1pm, where Mr Burnham reveals his music choices, policies if elected and how he feels the race is shaping up to be the next Labour leader.

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