‘Made in Chelsea’ star Proudlock open to Strictly offer

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Speaking exclusively on FUBAR Radio’s The Friday Social’, Mikill Pane was joined by special co-host, Ollie Proudlock. The ‘Made In Chelsea’ star revealed he would be open to putting on his best ballroom shoes.

Ollie Proudlock: “They always ask, ‘If you could go on another reality show, what would it be?’, I definitely wouldn’t do Big Brother”

Mikill Pane: “Would you go into the jungle?”

OP: “Not sure about the jungle, I mean it would be quite an experience”

MP: “I 100% would never go into the jungle, I don’t care how famous I get, I would never go to the jungle.”

OP: “What about Strictly Come Dancing? I quite like that one. I like a bit of dancing”

The fashion designer was also pitched another idea from the FUBAR listeners, about having camera’s follow his busy life. “The things I’m most passionate about are everything creative, obviously fashion, I love music as well and art. So for me, I would love to do something around that. I think in London there is so much amazing talent everywhere and a lot of the time some of it doesn’t get seen, or there is no platform for it. So for me I would love to just get involved with some of the emerging talent.”

Currently on a break from ‘Made in Chelsea’, Ollie was in a reflective mood when looking back at his time so far on the programme. “It’s weird to think I’ve been doing that for four years now, it’s been crazy, I never thought I’d be in a reality TV show. It’s been interesting, every time people ask me, ‘looking back if you had the decision would you do it again?’ Do you know what, I would, for me it’s been an amazing experience, I’ve met some amazing people, as with everything there are ups and downs, but it’s been generally very positive, which is awesome.”

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