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The Jump’s Louisa Lytton was on FUBAR Radio’s ‘The Tuesday Roundup’, with Huw Joseph and Jason Maza, and spoke all about her injuries and experiences on the show.

Lytton had never attempted skiing until taking part on the show. She said that she had enjoyed it initially, but soon started to realise the dangers of the sport.

“I mean, when are you ever going to go that fast headfirst down an ice slope? By the third time, I think I started to realise what exactly I was doing, and then started to panic.”

She currently is nursing a fractured hand, a result of an injury on the show. This came about by two accidents, one of which needed Lytton to be airlifted off a mountain. At the hospital they feared that she had broken her back, “[they] x-rayed my back… x-rayed my hand and that’s when they found out it was fractured.”

“The first few days I was loving it, and then after the accident, it slowly started to knock my confidence.”

Lytton also noted that the show can be particularly difficult for non-skiers, “There’s so much to take in that I think it was a bit overwhelming for some of us.”

“It’s not like we are being forced into situations. We are happy to do it, it’s just a shame that we are all falling over.”

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