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In a FUBAR exclusive, ‘The Harriet Rose Show’ played Jordan’s new song ‘Deeper’ for the first time on radio.

On leaving ‘Made in Chelsea’ to pursue his music career, Jordan said that he wanted to focus on it as “you can’t do three jobs well”.

Jordan’s new music reflects his personality within the story of the music.

“I think as a musician and a writer… the hard thing is you want to be personified how your music kind of is.”

He described music as storytelling and therapy for him – “it’s a reflection of what’s going on in your head in a song.”

“I always said that if someone said to me, ‘alright here’s half a million quid, go and write songs everyday’, I’d still go to work because it’s living life that creates the stories that enables you to write.”

Andy Jordan will announce his tour today, find out more on his social media pages. He is @AndyJordan01 on Twitter. He is also opening his first fashion store, Jam Industries, in two weeks in Salcombe, Devon.

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