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Legendary rapper, Chester P, visited FUBAR Radio’s Hip Hop show with DJ Sarah Love and MysDiggi to talk about his latest documentary all about homelessness in London.

The documentary spawned from the hardships Chester himself has experienced. “Poverty teaches us empathy,” said Chester, “once I was in a position to do the little amount I can do, I chose to do rather than talk about it.”

Dispelling myths, he talked about the correlation between the homeless and increased drug abuse. Chester said that “if you’re living on the street permanently, you’re going to need something a) make you warm when it’s cold, which will be alcohol or drugs and b) you are going to need something to numb the reality to make it to the next day”.

Sara Love and Chester P spoke about the unheard demographic of soldiers who have developed post-traumatic stress disorder and are consequently unable to assimilate back into the normality of society. With a lack of governmental support, homelessness and drug abuse plague the veterans who come back from war.

Chester P has also organised a compilation LP with 26 tracks on it, with artists such as Blak Twang and Durty Goodz donating songs for free. The money raised has helped Chester buy 300 sleeping bags for the homeless.

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