Tamer Hassan – ‘Back to Business’

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Coming up on FUBAR Radio’s Hot Gossip, with Mark Dolan and Lizzie Cundy, this Thursday is an exclusive interview with British actor Tamer Hassan, who confirmed filming would begin in September for ‘Back to Business’. The new movie is set a year after the 2005 film, ‘The Business’ starring Danny Dyer, but instead of Marbella, the backdrop will be Ibiza during the early 90’s. However the tough man insists he is not just carrying on from where the last film ended. “It’s not a number two, it’s not a sequel. We’re keeping that formula, I don’t believe it’s right for us to say it’s a sequel or a number two, because that was Nick Love’s baby (the previous Director of the original movie). I’ve wrote this one, it’s my baby.”

This time around the hard man is using all the features that previously worked well, “guns, music, fashion and Ibiza, all the stuff people loved, we’re going to take it over.” The ‘Clash of the Titans’ actor will not just be on the party island to film. “I’m doing a lot in Ibiza, I’m looking to buy a beach bar down on Playa d’en Bossa and we’re building a big villa out there.”

Looking in very good physical shape the actor revealed that after smoking for over 30 years, he had managed to finally kick the habit, thanks to the methods of Allen Carr. We know what you’re thinking, how does the toothy stand up comedian have the tools in his locker to cure Hollywood’s finest. Well never fear, it is an entirely different person, obviously but his methods are working, making ‘The Business’ actor feel like he is in the best shape of his life, which has come in good time with so much on his plate.

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