Doc Brown – “Blood on their hands” over Winehouse death

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Speaking exclusively on FUBAR Radio’s ‘Sarah, Huw and Doc Too’ show, Doc Brown alleges more should have been done to help Amy Winehouse, during the latter stages of her life. “There’s a lot of individuals who, I’ll go as far as saying, they’ve got blood on their hands. A lot of things were her own doing, but there was a point when she was genuinely a very ill person and at that point any normal employer, or anybody around a professional person, who was that ill, would say you know what let’s do nothing for a bit and work it out later and that didn’t happen.”

The rapper, who became friends with Amy after working with her for a number of years, felt the perception of the ‘Back to Black’ singer had changed since her death in 2011. “Amy has become something else now, she’s become a kind of Kurt Cobain, she’s become a mythical person, but I knew the human being. It’s just sad not to have her here.”

‘Amy’, which was released earlier this month, documents the troubled life of the singer and was directed by Asif Kapadia. He produced award-winning documentary ‘Senna’ and knowing of Doc’s relationship with Winehouse, asked him if he would like to contribute towards the film. “I was called upon by the Director to come and do some interviews and submit some photos and footage that I had for the movie, which initially I was stand-offish about.”

The film has already received numerous positive reviews, and after watching it himself, left our very own Huw Joseph crying. “It’s incredible, so mind blowing and so sad, by the end of it I was in tears.”

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