Rick Edwards recalls frosty interview with Jake Gyllenhaal

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Speaking exclusively on FUBAR Radio’s James Acaster show, Rick Edwards recalled an awkward interview he conducted with Hollywood A-lister Jake Gyllenhaal. After arriving a little hungover to question the actor for his latest movie at the time, the former T4 presenter, was handed a question by his producer, which he found rather funny. However it was not as well received by the ‘Brokeback Mountain’ star but surely the question could not be that bad? Well maybe Rick was suffering the effects of one to many shots from the night before and unveiled an extravagant set of circumstances to Gyllenhaal.

“I am coming to you with an offer, to be in my new film and this is the role you were born to play. It’s the role people will talk about for years to come, you’ll have international critical acclaim, you’ll win the best actor Oscar, you love this script, you love this character. The only catch is, i’ve already cast your sister Maggie as the love interest, do you take the role?”

Even after building up and selling the idea, Jake was left disgusted by the proposition according to Rick, and to be honest we do not blame him, being asked to cop off with your sister is probably not the best idea he has ever had, “the rest of the interview was extremely frosty.” A lesson learnt surely by a much younger and less experienced Edwards, who will not cross the incest line in an interview again.

Each week James looks to uncover his guests musical tastes by putting their library on shuffle, similar to a confessional Desert Island Discs format, fortunately for Rick he escaped with his dignity intact. Tracks from the Queens of the Stone Age, Cold War Kids and even T-Pain, shows his cool exterior is not just a facade.

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