Sy Thomas amazing poem on Joey Page show

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Every week on the Joey Page show he is joined by friend and comedian Sy Thomas. The show itself features interviews with upcoming and established artists from the world of indie/rock and alternative music as well as regular hilarious features including ‘Human Top Trumps‘ and ‘Tournamental’ which last week saw an intense final between Anne Frank and Carlsberg.

The end of every show is beautifully surmised by Sy and his wonderful words in the same style as famous northern poet John Cooper Clarke.

Topics, guests and features this week included:

– An interview with Kyle Falconer from The View

– Grace Burnham showed off her collection of Pete Doherty memoirs

– We asked what are the worst thing you’ve been invited to?

Ian Wallace investigated Joey’s dreams

– Holly won ‘Human Top Trumps’ & Dictators faced Potatoes in ‘ Tournamental’

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