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When Nikki Grahame joined Lizzie Cundy and Mark Dolan for FUBAR Radio’s ‘Hot Gossip’, the former Big Brother star ripped into previous housemates like Coolio, proclaiming that he was just a ‘Stinkio’, because of his constant farting!… “his farts would clear the BB house…he was disgusting!”

 But Nikki got us thinking – who are the most controversial housemates from the history of the show?

Nikki herself has been in the house three times, proving more popular than controversial, the first time making a big splash by finding love with series winner Pete Bennett and uttering the immortal tantrum line “who is she?”.

So with the amount of creeps and freaks who’ve been on BB over the years, a list like this is hard to condense to a Top 10. But here we go:

10Makosi Musambasi 

A firm favourite to begin in Big Brother 6. However, after she ended up shagging fellow contestant Anthony in the communal swimming pool, she claimed to be pregnant, which of course was false. She will go down as the most famous contestant to ever come from Zimbabwe though.


9Rex Newmark

The ginger haired assassin will be remembered mostly for bullying eventual winner Rachel. He even went as far as saying “I’d swap you for Scrabble Rachel”. Now a chef, he still proves to be a massive dick with his twitter bio reading “Rex Newmark the King – and he lived up to the name”.

Rex Newmark

8. Nick Bateman  

Remember when Big Brother was actually a social experiment? The first series was watched by millions as they saw Geordie Craig win. The most controversial housemate at the time was Nick Bateman. Otherwise known as ‘Nasty Nick’, all he did was pass a few notes to fellow housemates and scheme with fellow them to fix nominations, quite mundane by todays standards.

Nasty Nick

7. Kinga Karolczak

Kinga will always be famous for inserting a wine bottle into herself – enough said!


6. Alexandra De-Gale

How do you make friends in a strange and new environment? You threaten them and say you will order your gangster friends to gun down anyone who nominates you. Sadly this isn’t a joke and it’s what led Alexandra to be evicted from the BB house.

alex de gale

5. Daley Ojuederie 

Threatening a contestant is bad enough but Daley Ojuederie went as far as pinning housemate Hazel O’Sullivan by her throat to the bed. It goes without saying that he was quickly evicted by producers of the show.

daley ojuederie

4. Dennis McHugh 

Getting pissed, spitting in someones face the next step is eviction. That was the case with Dennis McHugh, who after having one to many sherbet dib-dabs, got into an altercation with Mohamed Mohamed leading to his BB demise.

dennis mchugh

3. Helen Wood

They say any publicity is good publicity but when you’ve received 1,500 complaints over 12 days for bullying another housemate, you may have crossed the line. Helen Wood did just that and eventually left the house to a chorus of boos.

Helen Wood

 2. Sam Pepper

Famous for his pranks on Youtube, Sam Pepper thought he could recreate the same madness within a confined space. It’s safe to say that putting chilli into people’s toothpaste and being a general twat in the house left him with not many fans. He continues his pranking stunts in LA these days, still doing the same old shit that wasn’t funny five years ago.

Sam Pepper

1. Perez Hilton   

The top spot is actually reserved for a kind of celebrity, in so far as he appeared on the celebrity version of the show. He was so self indulgent he proclaimed CBB to be – ‘ The Perez Hilton Show’.

Perez Hilton

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