#Rapaboutanything Doc Brown – Hard words to rhyme

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Every Tuesday when Doc Brown presents live on FUBAR Radio he gives our listeners a unique opportunity. The comedian lets you tweet, email and phone in your suggestions for topics he should rap about. At the very end of the show the rapper drops a fresh track that he’s produced in only a matter of minutes.

This week after a number of different proposals, Doc took the challenge of rapping with words that most mere mortals would struggle to rhyme. However, he had no such problem, as you can see below with his bespoke rap.

If you want to get your suggestion produced into a rap, follow these steps below:

1. Download the FUBAR Radio App for iOS or Android.

2. Listen to ‘Sarah, Huw and Doc Too’ every Tuesday on FUBAR Radio between 4pm – 6pm.

3. Follow and tweet your suggestions to @fubaradio & @docbrown88.

4. Wait until the end of the show to see if your suggestion has been successful.

Doc Brown is currently touring the country with his amazing show ‘The Weird Way Round’ for tickets visit: http://www.docbrown.co.uk/

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