Stokes will surpass Flintoff – Jack Russell

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Legendary England cricketer, Jack Russell, spoke to FUBAR Radio’s Tom Latchem on his Tuesday morning show about England’s win against South Africa.

“I’m a little surprised we won it so easily… that was a bit of shock I’ve got to admit, because I thought we would be chasing a few more than that.”

Russell said that this surprise was because he saw South Africa as “quite a tough place to go and play… they’re quite an aggressive sporting nation, so you have to be up for it”.

“I don’t think we’ve played at our best yet either, I think there is still room for improvement.”

However, he believed the win was due to the skills of the English cricket team as it has “a good bunch of players with lots and lots of talent”.

Russell continued to analyse the recent match noting that it was great to see Stuart Broad get a few wickets, and that his skills have developed over his years in the game.

“I remember when he was one foot long, when he was a little baby… so he has grown into something special.”

“He gets good players out, you got to be a decent bowler to do that consistently.”

Of Ben Stokes, Russell is assured he’ll surpass Flintoff with his batting skills, and said that Stokes’ value is in the balance he provides to the English cricket team as a skilled batsman and bowler.

“He’s a captain’s dream and his attitude is so refreshing.”

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