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In a very special interview on FUBAR Radio’s Hip Hop Show, Sarah Love spoke to the legendary Chuck D from Public Enemy.

Public Enemy’s, Chuck D, is an integral component of the hip hop movement, mastering politically conscious music and renowned worldwide for his powerful voice.

Sarah Love had the opportunity to speak to Chuck D, in December last year, covering his achievements and influences in a quick chat.

Chuck D recalled his first time playing in the United Kingdom, as a special time playing alongside Eric B & Rakim and LL Cool J at Hammersmith Odeon.

“It’s gone down in history as one of the most significant events in hip hop”, because it worked towards encouraging people of colour in London to not diminish their culture – “don’t play yourself low… stand up”.

Of course, Chuck D’s proudest achievement was keeping the group together for 28 years, a phenomenal achievement for any musical group.

“You don’t see many groups, period – much less black groups or black men”, said Chuck D.

“That’s probably my greatest joy.”

As for his ultimate non-musical hero, Chuck D credited his mother and father for inspiring him.

He also agreed with Sarah Love that hip hop still remains relevant, citing the reason being that it is “worldwide, in different languages”.

Pharoahe Monch spoke to Sarah Love and MysDiggi on Chuck D’s influence on his music.

“It was the point where an emcee, again, did not dumb it down.”

Pharaohe Monch had always felt impacted by Public Enemy’s music, having covered ‘The Terrordome’ on his Desire album.

Verbal Skills, Tang the Pilgrim and Elliot Fresh were on this week’s Hip Hop Show’s open mic, displaying their skills in the video below.

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