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FUBAR Radio’s Tom Latchem, on his Tuesday morning show, spoke to former diplomatic and foreign affairs editor of Sky post, Tim Marshall, about ISIS and Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Marshall has worked as a reporter for Sky post for nearly 25 years, covered 12 wars and has reported from over 30 countries.

He said that a growing population, lack of jobs, geographical and enforced boundary issues have contributed to the instability in the Middle East.

“To forge national unity in just 70 or 80 years – it’s pretty difficult… We have imposed that artificial structure in those areas, and, okay, they’re trying to make a fist of it and it’s falling apart.”

“Of course there’ll be elements that want to recreate that and don’t believe in these borders.”

Latchem then asked Marshall on the length of time it will take to dissolve ISIS.

“Within 2 years, but then there’ll be AQ 3…This is pretty much AQ 2, there used to be Al Quaeda in Iraq, then they changed their name and they became what we now know as ISIS. They will be destroyed and then there’ll be another one, because it’s about the ideology.”

On the UK’s involvement in Syria, Marshall said that although he does not believe David Cameron is completely knowledgeable on the Middle East conflict intricacies, we should not have a narrow view of his Cameron’s intentions.

“These are cardboard cut-out views of people that doesn’t take into account nuances of their whole life experiences… and it’s unfair to think all he cares about are other posh kids.”

Tim Marshall launched his website,, in February 2015 that contains opinion articles and analysis of current affairs.

Check out his books ‘Prisoners of Geography’ and ‘Dirty Northern B*st*rds’, available online.

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