Rose McGowan Joined Calum McSwiggan to Discuss Cults, Hollywood and Horror Movies.

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Name a more iconic duo…

Actor and activist Rose McGowan graced FUBAR Radio with her calm presence and passion for equality. Rose joined our very own, Calum to talk about her new book Brave. She also spoke about growing up in a cult, LGBTQ+ barriers and even threw some shade toward top female directors and the USA.

Before getting into Rose’s career. Calum and Rose got into a game of FUBAR radio’s famous game ‘Porn or not porn’. As Rose and Calum started to play the game it was clear they both wanted to succeed. During the game,  it was very clear these two were both pros at distinguishing the difference between what was porn and what was a  horror movie. Is this a valuable skill? We definitely think so!

When referring to working and living in America, Rose noted: “I’ve found America absolutely harrowing. America was a lot more traumatising to me actually. I found America much, much more hardcore than the cult.” Rose explained: “In one state I lived in I had things thrown at me every day, ‘you’re the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen'”. Rose added that she then moved to a different state, where she was praised for her beauty.

When Calum asked if Rose had ever worked with female directors, Rose explained: “I worked with two of them and they were as horrible as the men. They took it upon themselves to behave very much like the male directors I’d worked with.” Rose also added, “I was completely flummoxed because I was playing in both movies, very strong women, and they came for me so hard, and I didn’t understand.” 

Reflecting on her role in horror classic Scream, Rose spoke of the white men dominating director roles: “She [Neve Campbell] had dark hair and I had dark hair. I thought ‘Oh God!’, in Hollywood they will never hire somebody with the same hair colour. Unless they’re playing sisters. It’s terrifying and it’s propaganda. It gives you this mirror to look in and it’s such a binary narrow mirror.” As Rose is an activist for the LGBTQ+ community. It inspiring to see someone who is so prolific in the film industry, not be scared to be open about why Hollywood needs to be more progressive with its characters.

Also within this special one-hour show, Rose talked about her partner Rain Dove – a previous guest on Calum’s show – and her own struggle to identify as non-binary, smoking pot, her newly born music career, her hate for Mary Poppins and how gay men often do not carry the flag for all LGBTQ+ members of the community.

Calum hosts his sex and LGBT+ show every Wednesday from 6-7PM.

The full episode is now available here – It can also be found on iTunes and Spotify


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