Adam Collard & Jemma Lucy Spill TEA!

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What a wild episode of Access All Areas! Glamour model Grace J Teal joined Stephen Leng last week and it got FLIRTY! But, before the flirting kicked in, Stephen and Grace rang up friend of the show Jemma Lucy, to see how pregnancy is truly treating her: “It has been probably the toughest time of my life! I’ve literally had every symptom across the board.”

When Stephen asked about her baby daddy – who was reportedly abusive towards her – Jemma immediately shut the conversation down, by saying: “I’m really not going into that, sorry. I left that situation about a month ago, I went travelling and I’ve come back and I’ve forgotten it exists, really.” 

Internet trolls have long plagued Jemma’s career, some have gone as far as accusing her of not really being pregnant, Jemma reflected: “Usually, I don’t respond to those types of people. But they’ve really been pissing me off! I can’t tell you where it [her bump] is, just as much as you’re asking me. All I know is that I did the test, I am pregnant, I’ve had the scan…”. 

Love Island star Adam Collard was also on the show. NO doubt you will have heard of Adam’s recent split with Love island’s Zara McDermott. Addressing the rumours that she’s dating Olly Murs, Adam said: “I haven’t really seen anything about that but. I mean, I don’t really think anything of it. If she was to do that, I wish her all the best.” A sweet sentiment from an Ex, indeed.


Love Island stars have been known to move on from their relationships very quickly. Yet, when asked if he thought it was a genuine relationship, Adam said: “I love her to bits. I don’t really know what else to say. From a business perspective, it would have been more beneficial for me to not be with her – everyone who is close to me knows that.” 

Although Grace was happy enough to flirt with Adam, he noted: “I need a break from all of that. That was the most genuine thing I’ve had in a long, long time. And I think it will take a long, long time for that to happen again. I just need to chill!”

All this plus Jemma explaining “It’s about time I grew up”, her split with Stephen Bear and much, much more is available to listen back via the podcast here. 


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