Rizzle Kicks hosting on FUBAR Radio

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This Friday, exclusively on FUBAR Radio, Harley from Rizzle Kicks will be co-hosting ‘The Friday Social’ with Mikill Pane.

The hip-hop duo are no strangers to FUBAR Radio, Jordan Stephens joined Mikill Pane as a co-host only a few months ago and quickly adapted to the uncensored nature of the station by declaring ‘I’d suck off Nigel Farage’.

Rizzle Kicks have sold over 1 million singles and over 600,000 albums in the UK.

As well as being a member of Rizzle Kicks, Harley has been appearing on the big and small screen, starring in a number of different roles.

Listen live to The Friday Social this Friday between 1pm and 4pm at www.fubarradio.com

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