Katie Hopkins – Tube strikers “thick arseholes”

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Speaking exclusively to FUBAR Radio’s Mark Dolan and Lizzie Cundy, in a carefree mudslinging interview, motormouth Katie Hopkins latest outburst covers a wide range of issues.

She branded today’s striking RMT tube drivers as “thick” illiterate “arseholes”, Kelly Osbourne as a “purple haired toy troll” and dismissed the recent outpouring of emotion following the shooting of Cecil the lion as nothing more than “mob mentality on Twitter – I couldn’t give two monkeys!”. She rounded off her attack with advice for David Cameron on the issue of migrants attempting to enter Britain at Calais –“shut the channel tunnel – bring in the army” and send in water cannons.

Commenting on today’s crippling London tube strike and clearly upset at not being able to get to FUBAR Radio’s studios in person, she directly addressed the tube workers- “If you think you are spreading a message, yes you are, the message is, you’re all ARSEHOLES!” – As if that was not enough to damn the RMT, Hopkins went on to complete her savage attack – “the fact is, most of you are too thick, probably can’t read or write and I need sub-titles to understand you when you put your little bald glossy heads on my TV screen, you guys need to get a grip.”

Katie Hopkins went on to lay into Kelly Osbourne, branding her as nothing more than a purple haired toy troll. The outspoken former Apprentice star was speaking to FUBARradio.com following Kelly Osbourne’s recent remarks on American television when she pondered, “If you kick every Latino out of this country, who’s going to clean your toilets, Donald Trump?”.

Hopkins was outraged by Osbourne’s comments, “I think it’s a mentality people have that are looked after too much. I think Kelly Osbourne has grown up expecting things to happen for her. She really did make a bit of a boob. I think there is a little troll toy that has purple hair, it looks exactly like Kelly and I think it’s about time we had her off our screens.”

Not known for keeping her cards close to her chest, Hopkins felt enough was enough when it came to Ozzy’s daughter. “You can’t go back from that, all she did was throw herself on the floor and started crying because it was taken the wrong way. No Kelly!, you spoke it the wrong way because it’s the way you think in your head. She’s really screwed herself over there and I wish her nothing but the worst.”

However she wasn’t finished there, declaring she would “shut the channel tunnel down” and “bring in the army” to resolve the current crisis in Calais. Hopkins even had use for one of the Mayor of London’s failed projects. “I’d have Boris’s two water cannons, that he’s now told he’s not allowed to use, I’d have those water cannons over the other side of Calais pretty pronto.”

She even dismissed the public outpouring of emotion over the recent shooting of Cecil the lion. “I don’t really give two monkeys about Cecil the lion. Look, he got shot, he’s called Cecil, I understand that, just because he’s called Cecil you think you identify with the name Cecil and that’s really cute but ultimately it was just another indication of the mob mentality of Twitter”

Hopkins kicked off her new TV series on TLC last week, where she is bound to continue to cause more offense and gather support in equal measure.

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