Pirate station ‘Kurupt FM’ takes over FUBAR

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FUBAR Radio’s ‘Tom Latchem’ show saw a takeover of epic proportions today. The stars of BBC Three comedy series “People Just Do Nothing”, the ‘Kurupt FM’ crew, laid down some huge bars over the top of beat boxing sensation Grace Savage. The Brentford based station has seen a huge spike in popularity following the TV series and according to their press releases, their audience figures reached the dizzy heights of double figures over the past year, a true milestone indeed. As well as performing, the trio, minus DJ Beats, spoke about their love for garage music and how they believe they are currently one of the greatest station’s on the airways, apart from FUBAR of course.

Speaking about how he got into the garage scene, MC Grindah revealed he had a special gift at a very young age. “I’ve been MCing pretty much since I was born I’d say. Cause they used to say I’d cry in rhythms, so like there’s this wonderful little story actually. When I was three years old, nah I think I was about five my mum tells me. You know the building blocks you get with the spelling? She left me, she came back in and I’d spelt cat and hat, do you know what I mean, I was five years old and I couldn’t even speak yet.”

MC Grindah, Steves and Chabuddy G are featured in the observational documentary, which airs every Wednesday at 10pm on BBC Three. We’re hoping for a third series to be commissioned so we can learn more in the art of live broadcasting from the veterans of radio and with entrepreneur Chabuddy G in their corner, we are pretty sure he will negotiate them an even better deal.

Catch the unique collaboration below between the amazingly talented Grace Savage and the boys from ‘Kurupt FM’

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