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Raekwon, from the Wu-Tang Clan, chatted to Sarah Love from FUBAR’s ‘The Hip-Hop Show’ about his upcoming documentary, the legacy of hip-hop music and the contemporary music industry.

He performed tracks from the Grammy-nominated group’s debut album at KOKO in London and was joined by Harry Love, The Menendez Bros and Daniel Hills. The pioneer of Mafioso rap is currently in the process of directing and producing a documentary about his critically acclaimed 1995’s ‘Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…’ album.

It offers an in-depth story about how the album was made, Raekwon said, “[The documentary] discusses the influence it gave to the world. It has great people on it, from celebrities and athletes to people from the business that grew from it.” It was one of the most influential albums in the 90s “throughout the world, it has helped people be who they are today and identify with the culture,” he added.

When asked about what people need to do to show their respect to the legends, he said it’s important to attend festivals and shows, always have them attached to us. “I like to see the legends come out and perform. [Now] kids get up there, lip-sync and have no personality. Sometimes it’s important to show them a real-deal show and what it is to be a legend.”

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