R.I.P David Bowie – FUBAR Radio’s Tribute

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Personalities and fans are expressing their grief online after the death of singer David Bowie. Bowie, aged 69, died of cancer two days after the release of his new album, Blackstar. His son, director Duncan Jones, confirmed his passing on twitter. After an 18 month battle with cancer, Bowie passed away “peacefully today surrounded by his family”, according to his official Facebook page.

FUBAR Radio presenters were quick to share their condolences and memories about the singer. Joey Page has a “Bowie of the Week” section, playing a different Bowie track every show and was devastated by the post.


Wednesday & Friday host Mikill Pane paid his own tribute to Bowie the only way he knew how.


 Tom Latchem’s Tuesday show, 10am – 12pm, will feature a number of friends, fans and fellow musicians sharing their thoughts on Bowie’s passing.


 ‘Hot Gossip’ presenter, Lizzie Cundy summed up her feelings about the ‘Life on Mars’ singer.


Finally ‘The Friday Social’ host, Huw Joseph shared his thoughts on Bowie.


Iggy Pop, Kanye West, Madonna and J.K. Rowling are among the many celebrities who paid their respects to Bowie’s impact. KISS’s Gene Simmons said “David Bowie, you will be sorely missed. Bowie’s ‘Changes’ and the Ziggy story songs were major influences on me”, via his twitter.Even UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, voiced nostalgia over the loss of Bowie.

Bowie’s followers have expressed their sorrow online, with one man creating a petition to rename Mars after Bowie.


Bowie was famed for his unique style and pioneering the androgynous look with his alter ego, Ziggy Stardust. His hit song, of the same name, was a 70s hit alongside Life on Mars, Velvet Goldmine and Heroes.

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