Nick Helm – BBC’s Apollo was a difficult gig

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When Daniel Lawrence Taylor graciously accepted FUBAR Radio’s offer to step in alongside The Last Skeptik as special guest hosts for the ‘Tuesday Round Up’, the actor very kindly brought in a dear friend with him – comedian, Nick Helm.

The UNCLE actor has had a jammed packed year with his BBC Three sitcom, a stand up tour and even a performance on BBC 2’s ‘Live at the Apollo’.

However the performance was a mix bag for Helm but he has managed to find the positives after an indifferent response from the London audience. “It’s fine now. I’ve dealt with it in a mature sort of way and I’ve owned this awful thing. I felt like it was such a difficult gig for me and it was so humiliating for me, I’ve some how managed to come out the other side by talking about it.”

Speaking of talking about it, that’s exactly what Helm did when he appeared on Joel Dommett’s podcast. Retelling the story, in a tongue and manor Nick was shocked to see a full scale article written up on a comedy post website. “Then fucking Chortle, they take the fucking podcast, barely mention it was part of a podcast, they barely mention anything about it, take it completely out of context. The write it up like it’s this world exclusive interview they had with me. Actually I refused an interview with you about it, it was just so fucking annoying.”

“It was already something I was dreading, to see how the Apollo would come out and then Chortle just made it into this fucking thing and you just think that’s it you’ve burnt your bridges. I was kind of a bit peeved.”

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