Mystery Jets talk ‘Telomere’, new album & Bowie

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FUBAR Radio’s Joey Page spoke to English indie rock band, Mystery Jets, who expressed their sorrow after the recent death of singing legend, David Bowie.

“It’s such a loss, you’d never imagine that someone like that would ever die… but it’s happened.” Bowie died on the 12th of January at the age of 69 from cancer. As a musical icon, Bowie’s influence has impacted a range of artists within the different sectors of the music industry, from pop to rock.

“David Bowie is a massive influence on the band, and also on me personally”, said Blake of the Mystery Jets. The band expressed awe at Bowie’s ability to remain innovative and cutting edge throughout his career. “It’s almost impossible to be that relevant throughout your life… He never lost his desire and his ability to reinvent himself.” “He’s a genius and the best.”

The band also talked about their new material and influences around their latest single – ‘Telomere’.

You can hear the whole interview on the Joey Page show, tomorrow, between 1pm – 4pm.

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