I Have Some Kind of Spiritual Dimension – Bloc Party Talks New Album ‘Hymns’

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Last week The Friday Social’, with Huw Joseph and Mikill Pane, had an exclusive interview with indie rock band, Bloc Party, talking about religion, their new album, and the band’s transformation. All of which you can hear above.

Bloc Party’s latest album, Hymns, recalls the religious upbringing of frontman, Kele Okereke, without the reverence to God.

“It’s something I’m kind of conflicted about, and I think maybe on some level that’s what this album was about – knowing I’m not a believer in that sense but understanding that I have some kind of spiritual dimension.”

Three songs from the album have been released to the public – ‘The Love Within’, ‘The Good post’ and ‘Virtue’ – and are available on iTunes.

Bloc Party have seen some transitions in their illustrious 16 year career. The latest album will be more of a live record, utilising the strengths of their two new band members.

Drummer, Louise Bartle, and bassist, Justin Harris, joined the band in 2015, with Okereke describing their talent as “incredible”.

The original existing members, Okereke and guitarist, Russel Lissack, have found it interesting to see the new members interpret their existing music.

Of Bartle, Okereke said she is “the best drummer I’ve ever played with… she plays like a machine”.

Despite having a twist to the more common upbeat songs of Bloc Party, they don’t believe this new album is a departure for them.

“I don’t feel that the transition from old material to new material is too stark… To me it feels connected to where we have been in the past”.

Their new album, Hymns, will be available from the 29th of January, and Bloc Party will go on tour starting in London from the 26th of January.

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