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Speaking exclusively to FUBAR Radio’s ‘Tom Latchem’ show on Tuesday morning, former colleague of Dr Fox, Russ Kane told the show the DJ had always “behaved impeccably.”

DJ Neil Fox was dramatically cleared Monday of sexually abusing schoolgirls and young women over 26 years – even though a judge said he believed the victims.

The former Pop Idol judge, known to millions as Dr Fox, wept in the dock as he was found not guilty of eight indecent assaults and two sexual assaults.

Working with the DJ at the time Kane revealed what the atmosphere and working environment was like. “I saw fun but you have to understand something and this is in no way being an apologist… Capital was a family. It was a very different era but we really, really were close… but that behaviour was not seen it was nothing that crossed the line so that someone was complaining.”

“What was really interesting, from my perspective was that the first people to rally round Neil Fox were his female co-workers at Capital and also, I have to say, at Heart.”

Many are debating the next move for Fox but his former colleague believes radio bosses should snap him up straight away. “If I were in management at a major London radio station, I would have him back tomorrow morning. The reason being that he has been found not guilty on every single charge.”

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