Lewis Parker, Chester P & Blade pay tribute to Mark B

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The life and accomplishments of Mark B were celebrated on FUBAR Radio’s Hip Hop show with Sarah Love and MysDiggi. With guest host Chester P, Sarah Love had an array of rappers, from around the world, who have worked with Mark B to speak about their experiences with him. Chester P described Mark B as “a highly esteemed beatmaker” and Australian rapper, Delta, painted him as a “true professional”.

A poem by Blade was played in honour of their experiences together, their 25 year old friendship and how their music worked towards uniting people in the industry together. Blade was part of the duo Mark B and Blade, producing classics like Ya Don’t See the Signs and The Unknown.

Lewis Parker and Jehst both spoke about the impact of Mark B on the music industry and the influence he had over other artists. Both Lewis Parker and Jehst have independently collaborated with Mark B using his incredible beat making skills and knowledge.

Of course the entire playlist was dominated by Mark B productions, from his 90s music to his beats from the early 00s.

Blvkblvd and Krankit were on this week’s Hip Hop show’s open mic, the artists show off their incredible talents in the video below.

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