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On FUBAR’s ‘The Friday Social’ with Huw Joseph and Mikill Pane, award winning film-maker, Shan Nicholson, and Sound Track Producer, Little Shalimar, were on the show to talk about their documentary ‘Rubble Kings’.

The documentary covers New York’s outlaw gangs of the 60s, and the creation of hip hop culture that ensured peace amongst the gang conflict. It’s also loosely based on the iconic film, ‘The Warriors’.

Rubble Kings’ took Nicholson ten years to make – “the film changed from being just a New York story to more specifically about this peace treaty.”

“The message just seemed so powerful and important for kids to understand. There are kids who have no understanding of the origins of hip hop culture… devoted to hip hop culture but only the part that is readily available to them.”

“I wanted to tell a human story, about how these kids were actually victims of their circumstances and [how] they brought themselves out of that condition and created this incredible movement that we call hip hop.”

The DVD release was on the 8th of February and includes extra footage that didn’t make the final cut of the film. ‘Rubble Kings’ is in theatres and on demand on many online platforms such as Vimeo and iTunes, worldwide.

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