Danny Wisker denies sending vile tweets

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Speaking exclusively on FUBAR Radio’s ‘Hot Gossip’ with Mark Dolan and Lizzie Cundy, Big Brother finalist, Danny Wisker alleged that recent reports of vile tweets had actually not been sent by him at all. “Personally I feel like I have done nothing wrong, people do bring up your history. I know things have come out in the press about some tweets, a lot of them aren’t true. Some of them have been made up on a website where you can create tweets and the papers use that. The show used that, but they had to re-edit because it came out that they were actually fake.”

One report claimed it had found old tweets from Wisker, which seemed to show the former housemate’s disdain for bigger women. “I think it said I discriminated against the larger lady, which was completely un-true whatsoever.”

The demolition expert is back at work next week, but was questioned on a potential blossoming romance with fellow contestant, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace. “I’d never met her, but I never knew of her because of the way she is on Twitter and I wasn’t a massive fan of her. When she came in my whole opinion of her changed, she came in and lifted everybody up because we’d all been told we’re boring. She was a really good person to a lot of people in there, my opinion of her changed massively and we got on really well. I even spoke to her last night, besides everything that has gone on in the press, I’ve heard a lot of bad stuff, we’ve sorted it out and probably meeting up soon.”

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