Lord West – Britain has secret agents inside ISIS

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Talking exclusively with FUBAR Radio’s Tom Latchem, former Navy chief Lord West revealed that Britain has secret agents working inside ISIS to spread mistrust among their organisation.

Admiral Lord West, who served as Home Office Minister in the last Labour Government, said the UK must use spies operating within ISIL-controlled Iraq and Syria to spread distrust among terrorists.

“We do have people working inside ISIL – of course,” the former Navy chief said.

“We want to make them think that half the people working there are (agents), so they start not trusting each other.”

As a matter of course the UK Government never comments on the operations or activities of its secret agents.

But speaking to Tom Latchem on FUBAR Radio, Lord West said it was time for Britain to “up its game” in the propaganda war against ISIL. “In terms of propaganda, ISIL run rings round us,” he fumed.

“They have people tweeting in 23 different languages.”

“They turn around a tweet about an incident within 23 minutes – we have great difficulty in our government of turning a tweet around in bloody 24 hours sometimes”.

“You know we need to bloody well up our game.”

The Labour peer also warned Tory cuts have done “great damage” to the military, and questioned David Cameron’s description of ISIL as an “existential threat” to the UK.

“I’m not sure he knows what existential means,” Lord West said.

“I don’t believe they’re an immediate threat to the existence of our nation.”

He also attacked the PM’s promise of a ‘full spectrum’ response to the Tunisian massacre.

“I find it a little worrying that it takes 30 of our people being killed in Tunisia to make us go ‘full spectrum’,” he said.

“It reinforces my concern that we haven’t got a full and complete worked-out strategy of how we are combatting this loathsome group.”

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