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Talking exclusively with FUBAR Radio’s Lizzie Cundy and Mark Dolan, former Eastenders actress Danniella Westbrook is fuming with the way she was treated at ITV and has provided some background to that now infamous This Morning interview with Eamonn Holmes.

“I was furious at that show.. they told me I was there to do a story that my ex had done and speak about that… and suddenly on the way there in the car they sent a producer to come in the car with me, which I’ve never had in all the years I’ve ever been anywhere, so I knew something was up…”

Danniella, who’s relationship with drug abuse is well documented has some stinging criticism of the way she feels that she has been made a special case when it comes to having the right of reply. She then went on to say, of ITV’s producer “You can’t mention abuse, can’t talk about this, can’t talk about that and I was like, no this is so wrong, why does everyone else get their say and I don’t get mine.”

Unlike ITV, an OFCOM regulated platform, FUBAR Radio was delighted to allow Danniella the opportunity to tell it like it is. She wasted no time in telling FUBAR listeners about how she slipped up last year, after a decade of being drug free.

“It’s been 13 years but I did relapse last year. I relapsed because I wanted to… I was just out somewhere and had a drink and someone offered and I said yeah I’m gonna do it.”

“It’s just me and my personality – I have a very addictive personality, it was always going to be like that. That’s just me. I didn’t feel like I’d let myself down. At my height I was doing a lot and I nearly died. I’m not in that place now, now it’s all about my kids and my relationships.” Drawing comparisons with her family members, she added,”My brother is the opposite and has a very successful career in the Police Force.”

She also suggested drug use was rife in her industry, saying, “The whole industry is on it – everyone does it and I just got caught out. I was 13 years clean but nobody ever says that.”

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